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100% Online Directory of all your Employees

and now jQuery / Ajax Org Charts !



Clicface Trombi

the Staff Directory plugin

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Clicface Organi

the Org Chart plugin

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Brief Description

Clicface Trombi is a great plugin for WordPress that creates a directory of all your employees. This is the perfect solution for organizations, teams and associations!

Clicface Organi is a plugin to easily create an Org Chart. This is an add-on for the Clicface Trombi Standard plugin.



A new employee in the company, a new trainee, a new interim, reorganization of service, relocation of an entity… how to quickly and efficiently disseminate essential information (names, photos, contact information) to all of the company without a suitable tool?

Clicface is the solution to easily publish the directory of an organization: you are running a clear and transparent information to your employees and customers by providing a pleasant tool to identify the right person within the company.


  • Plugin are directly integrated into your existing WordPress website
  • You don’t need any template customization: your template is automatically used
  • No technical skills are needed
  • Your data on your server
  • No registration needed, our plugins are ready to use and available instantly
  • Free version or One-Time Fee version
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