Clicface Trombi, 100% Online Directory for your Employees

Clicface Trombi let you create a record for each person of your team. After entering information for each person, you can display a summary table anywhere on your website. By clicking on an employee, you get all the detailed information.


Easy integration


Clicface Trombi creates a new Employee type of post. You can create a new Employee from a specific menu. Clicface Trombi is integrated in the WordPress admin area.

    You will get new tabs :

  • the Employee tab, where you can create, modify and delete records about your employees and administer Divisions and Worksites
  • the Clicface Trombi tab, where you can customize Clicface Trombi settings


All Information at a Glance

Each Employee has his own profile, all the information are displayed in a nice box. You can set the size of the box, or you can even choose to use your own WordPress theme, if you don’t want to use the box.



QR Code

From the Standard version, a QR Code is displayed for every Employee. By scanning it with a smartphone, you can immediately save the contact to your phonebook. The QR Code is updated every time you update the data of any Employee.


Search Function & Exposed Filters

Also from the Standard version, a search tool and an exposed filter help visitors to find the right contact from the database of the directory. For example, you can get all the contacts from a specific Division with a few clicks.