Filter by division with the shortcode

It is now possible to display only employees from a specific division or worksite using an argument with the shortcode. So, you can have one division or worksite by page. This feature works only with the non-free versions, i.e. Clicface Trombi Standard or Clicface Trombi Pro.

For example, to display only people from the Corporate Sales division, the shortcode to use is:

[clicface-trombi-std division="Corporate Sales"]

To display only people from the Greenville worksite, the shortcode to use is:

[clicface-trombi-std worksite="Greenville"]

If you have a lot of people to manage, it is also possible to filter using both division and worksite:

[clicface-trombi-std division="Corporate Sales" worksite="Greenville"]

The division argument works only if the Name only search is used or if the search form is disabled (this setting is in the Search tab). If you choose the Categories and Name or Categories only search options, the filter won’t apply, as you let your visitors choose by themselves which division to display.

It’s possible to bypass the form setting set in the Search tab by using an extra argument with the shortcode:

[clicface-trombi-std division="Corporate Sales" worksite="Greenville" form="none"]

[clicface-trombi-std division="Corporate Sales" worksite="Greenville" form="name_only"]